At Karen Kirchner Consulting, we believe that individuals and teams have enormous potential, but that this potential needs focus, challenge and support to be unleashed.

Whether in an individual coaching conversation, team meeting or leadership development program, we act as a catalyst by sharing new perspectives, challenging assumptions and bringing a laser focus to your goals, helping you and your organization to overcome limitations and achieve results.

Karen has been an integral part of the reason we have dramatically increased top line revenue over the last two years. Through her one on one coaching sessions with employees, she has helped to develop motivated, engaged and high performing team members who focus on their behavior to achieve strong results.  In addition, she has been instrumental in bringing our leadership group together to better understand what makes each of us tick so that we can work together in a much more productive and efficient way .

Micheal Sean Grant
Executive Managing Director
Crystal & Co.

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Women’s Breakthrough Initiative
Executive Coaching helps you and your employees to gain clarity, perspective and insight, accelerating achievement of goals. Assessing a team’s positivity and productivity provides a basis for developing accountability and trust, which leads to better, more creative results. A bold initiative to propel women leaders on the fast track, leveraging technology, executive coaching and the latest in neuroscience.