Team Building

Accelerate Team Performance.

Groups who trust each other overcome obstacles more quickly and problem-solve more effectively, leading to higher quality results.  Assessments such as the DISC and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) build trust by fostering appreciation for different styles. Group challenges and exercises encourage teams to think outside the box and see colleagues in a different light.  Team members who once avoided each other learn to communicate more effectively and leverage each other’s strengths.  A more cohesive and more creative team emerges.

Team Building Activities that Accelerate Performance:

  • Survival Simulations give teams practice in coming to consensus under stressful conditions.
  • Examining the style composition of the team as a whole leads to valuable discussions on how to leverage strengths and overcome soft spots.
  • Learning creative problem-solving techniques and applying them to a challenge the group is facing ensures that the program pays immediate dividends.
  • Deciding on a team vision then building a structure that represents that vision provides a clear direction for future team efforts.
  • Engaging in a fun problem-solving competition gives team members a chance to observe how style differences play out in everyday life.

Karen’s team building program enabled our team to understand different styles and build trust.  We were encouraged to challenge ourselves, which resulted in the team working more effectively together to achieve our goals.

Alexandra McMahon, former Sr. Director of Human Resources
World Wrestling Entertainment

What you can expect from team building:

  • Enhanced self-awareness of style and impact on others.
  • Improved communication and conflict resolution.
  • Increased tolerance and trust, which leads to faster, better results.

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