Women’s Leadership Development

For Women Leaders on the Fast Track

Cultivate strengths
Accelerate career development
Retain key women leaders
Build competitive advantage

Want to unlock your talent potential by leveraging women’s unique leadership attributes? We’ve discovered the catalyst that propels key talent to the next level by leveraging executive coaching, technology and the power of peer groups.

Program Elements:

  • Feedback-intensive, including a 360-degree assessment and video-taping
  • Membership in a cohort of women leaders to share insights, ideas and inspiration
  • Coaching – one-on-one coaching to stretch thinking and challenge assumptions
  • Skill Development in critical areas such as executive presence and managing the inner critic

Program Design:

  • Assessment and Goal-setting: Formulation of a development goal based on 360-degree feedback
  • Immersion: One day, in-person experience. Participants articulate their value proposition and gain feedback on their professional presence through videotaped presentations.
  • Monthly Meetings: Through in-person and Zoom sessions, participants are challenged to overcome their self-imposed limits and expand their influence.
  • Individualized Coaching: Six hours of coaching to address unique development challenges.
  • Continual Reinforcement: Meetings with peer group keep goals top-of-mind and inspire change.

Who Should Attend:

Women with management experience who are on the fast track to greater responsibility.

What Participants Will Gain:

  • Increased self-awareness, confidence and presence
  • Knowledge to overcome roadblocks and limitations
  • Enhanced impact and results

Dates and Location:

Next Program Begins: January 29, 2019; 6 month program runs through June 2019.  360-degree assessments begin in December 2018.


6 months of intensive skill-building, feedback and coaching for $8,100.

Email Karen@KarenKirchner.com or call 203-253-4098 to find out if this program is right for you!

Featured Facilitators

Karen Kirchner, MS, PCC

Karen Kirchner, MS, PCC has a track record of helping clients to effect meaningful, sustainable change.  She coaches leaders to identify the critical leverage points for growth, then builds in structure and accountability to help them achieve their goals.  Karen’s background in HR management grounds her approach in organizational realities.  During her more than 15 years of consulting, her blend of intelligence, insight and creativity has made her a trusted partner to a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to technology start-ups.


Ellen Keithline Byrne, PhD

Ellen Keithline Byrne, PhD is a Coach and Leadership Consultant. She has over 18 years experience guiding clients to reach their full potential in fast-paced environments. She has a reputation for being a highly perceptive and results-oriented coach who helps clients achieve their desired performance goals. Her clients range from new managers to C-suite leaders in Fortune 500 companies and global non-profit organizations.


Denise D’Agostino, CEC

Denise D’Agostino, CEC brings practical approaches and a high level of energy enabling leaders, teams and organizations to perform and deliver. As a Coach and Facilitator, her authentic style builds trust, empowering others to engage in meaningful dialogue and gain insights that drive change. She is known to be compassionate, perceptive and challenging. Equipped with her extensive HR Business Partner experience and certifications in multiple psychometrics, Denise is well poised to help clients reach their fullest potential.